17 Nov, 2015

Blizzard Servers Down for Scheduled Maintenance


Blizzard has recently shut down all of its servers for a quick maintenance scheduled for today. As a result players of the following game titles won’t be able to play their game from 3PM UK Time for estimated 4 hours.
Blizzard game titles affected by the shutdown are as follows

• World of Warcraft
• Hearthstone
• Diablo 3
• StarCraft 2
• Heroes of the Storm

Though all titles are estimated to become available after the said downtown, World of Warcraft fans might have to wait a little longer. The downtime for World of Warcraft servers is expected to last upto eight hours. If so, WoW fans won’t be able to play the game till 11PM UK Time.

The reason for the extended delay for World of Warcraft is due to a release of WoW Patch 6.3.2 that is set to release after the maintenance. As per the new patch, WoW player can now enter Mythic cross realm raiding and some new timewalking dungeons as well. The new patch will also bring in a new ride for WoW players, the Grove Warden Mount.

According to the official Blizzard post, the maintenance period will also end the current PvP session and mark the start of Warlords Season 3. The new season will allow PvP players to gear up for the new Warmongering Aspirant (715), Warmongering Combatant (730) and the Warmongering Gladiator (740). As for the dungeon lovers, the first Cataclysm timewalking bonus event will start off tommow which features Throne of Tides, Lost City of Tol’vir, Stonecore, Batol as well as End Time.

Apart from World of Warcraft, there are several changes to other Blizzard game titles also as recently announced in BlizzCon 2015. The announcements also included the next expansion for World of Warcraft, Legion which is set to release in 2016. Although in the recent times, World of Warcraft has lost a lot of its subscribers, it was however, not a concern for officials at Blizzard. According to the game executive producer Allen Brack, the decline of subscribers is not their focus as of now.

He further stated;
“For us, the team can’t focus on how to make a quest that adds 100,000 more subscribers. How does this raid boss retain people for five months longer? You’re going to drive yourself crazy as a developer doing that.”

Even if the do not accept their willingness of retaining back subscribers, it certainly shows through the efforts they are making. Bring in an expansion that will take us back in time of Illidan (Burning Crusade) truly shows how Blizzard is putting the stones where they should be, a place where we liked it. Furthermore, there are also some changes that even though are new, will make us stick to the game even more.

Among those, is the great addition of tutorial system in which a person can try a class before he thinks of getting a level Boost. Ever wondered what it was like to play a Rogue? Well you can now try and see if it fits for you. If not you might wanna try something else.

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Blizzard Servers Down for Scheduled Maintenance
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