28 Nov, 2015

Cloud9 Disbands ‘1437’ Teams Up With Digital Chaos

Cloud9 disbands
Less than 12 hours ago, Digital Chaos owner, Sunsfan announced over their main page about the inclusion of Theeban “1437” Siva who will be taking the position of the recently benched player Biryu.

Signing of Theeban “1437” Siva has been made after collaborative talks between Digital Chaos and Cloud9 that started immediately after Frankfurt Major 2015. Both teams had some in game rivalry between them but when it came to talks, all was done in a very professional manner and the transfer commenced after mutual consent.

According to the reports, Digital Chaos was trying to get their hands over 1437 immediately after Cloud9’s early exit from Frankfurt Major. Cloud9 who had also booted Ritsu in the past due to his inappropriate behavior was one of the reasons for internal problems within the team. Lack of motivation and results became an obvious reason why 1437 himself though the transfer to be a very good opportunity to shine.

His time with Cloud9 ended on the following statement,

“My time with Cloud9 was one of the best times of my life. From Jack and Danan to every one of my teammates, it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of this organization. I had intended for this chapter of my life to last longer, but due to some unforeseeable complications, it was cut short. “

He also backed his ex-teammates and wished them best of luck for future endeavors and hoped they would not have a tough time finding new homes and pursuing their career as a professional player.

Digital Chaos and ex EG player Aui_2000 welcomed 1437 in the team with the following statement

“I’m extremely excited to have Theeban join us on Team Digital Chaos. I hope that we will be able to prove ourselves in upcoming tournaments and I am happily looking forward towards the future.”

After the transfer, Cloud9 has officially released all the remaining three members of the team and will be without a Dota 2 roster till further announcements.



Cloud9 Disbands ‘1437’ Teams Up With Digital Chaos
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