01 Dec, 2015

Dota 2: Godlike Guide for Alchemist Patch 6.85


Alchemist has been in the limelight for quite some time now. Ever since he received some buffs with the latest patch 6.85, the hero has rapidly transitioned into the role which was feared by almost everyone. Though there have been some differences to Alchemist’s item selection, proper timing and build makes him a pain in the butt to deal with. Today, we will be providing you a detailed guide to play a godlike Alchemist in the latest patch 6.85

If you regularly follow the competitive Dota 2 scene, then you probably are familiar with teams that have started to pick Alchemist for their carry position and many times this pocket strat has lead them to victory in even the hardest of occasions.

If you want to learn different ways Alchemist is being played right now then it is suggested that you watch players such as Super, w33haa and Miracle in the recent Frankfurt Major 2015.

Starting Items
First it is suggested that you start with a Quelling blade and a Stout Shield. Leave the rest of your 200 gold and level up your Greevil’s greed. Head straight to the rune and make sure that your teammates are nearby to secure your Zero Minute bounty rune. With the update, Alchemist now gains 5 times the gold from bounty runes, making Greevil’s greed a must have ability at level one. Once you have secured the Bounty Rune you will have enough gold to buy your Bottle.
The Spell Build is as follows;
Although there are many who do not buy a Bottle on Alchemist, it is greatly advised that you do so as the extra bit of HP and Mana regeneration will help you a lot in the long run. Especially when you are playing Mid the bottle is really handy for you to spam out your spells.

Road to Radiance
Continue your game like normal only leveling up Acid Spray and Greevil’s Greed till you have unlocked lvl 6.
Your goal should be to have safe farming mid lane so that you can then lead yourself to an early Radiance. You will be able to achieve this fairly easy as no matter your opponent, you can easily zone him out with acid spray.

Pick up Boots for some move speed and continue with your lane farming. If possible you can ask any of your teammate to stack the camps for you as it will help in reducing your overall Radiance timing.

You will probably at this point ask why Quelling blade was picked up, and your question will be answered just about now.
If things are going right you will be able to get your Radiance near 11 Minutes. If So, it’s now time to dig up that gold.The reason why Boots only were preferred prior to the Radiance is because you can instantly go for the BoTs after Radiance to gather up the gold from anywhere you can.


Mid to Late Game
Once done with the Radiance, you have two options to choose from. Either you can go for the Manta- Octarine build for the insane pushing ability that Alchemist can provide or the standard carry build.


The good thing with the Octarine build is its power to apply huge pressure over the enemy team when there will be 2 more Alchemists farming around the map and pushing the lanes every 22 seconds. Secondly the 2 illusions provide you gold with their own Greevil’s Greed ability increasing your farm rate substantially. One just can’t image the amount of farm Alchemist is able to gather with this build. Here are some pictures.



Final Wordings
I myself was curious to try HoM prior to Radiance to observe what difference can it make. The result is quite surprising. Though HoM gives you a steady 190 Gold and 2.5x Experience, it does not have an overall positive impact on Alchemist’s farm. Instead it slightly increases your Radiance timing by a minute or so, as the initial 10 minutes are the recovering amount for Hand of Midas.

Here are the results for the build with and without HOM. You can clearly see the farm rate difference

With Midas

Without Midas

You can at any point transition yourself into the carry role depending on your team’s position. Furthermore, with the Scepter buff, you can also gift your allies with a free ultimate upgrade if they have one.

If played right, the build will allow you to win even the most crucial of matches since gold won’t be a problem. All you have to make sure is your jungle is secure enough to farm and your teammates are able to create enough space that you farm your Radiance and Boots of Travel under the required time. Rest will be fairly easy as you will start to apply pressure onto the enemy team as soon as your Manta Style is up and running.

Enjoy a Smooth Dota 2 Experience like never before!Enter-Lag-Free-GamingLOGO1


Dota 2: Godlike Guide for Alchemist Patch 6.85
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