25 Nov, 2015

League of Legends Champion Guide For Darius

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The only champion who knows how to use Black Cleaver properly is Darius. With the recent updates buffing up the tanky champion even more, Darius has now become a pain in the butt to play against. Just when you thought you were gonna kill that guy, Bam, he dunks you from heaven slicing you like a mere orange.

With the recent over growing popularity of Darius, it is probably the best time to hit you up with a detailed guide to own with the top lane dominator Darius.

Firstly we will give you some advantages and disadvantages of picking up Darius. So that next time your hands tickle you will be quite sure if Darius can win you the lane and eventually the game or not.

– Great amount of burst damage
– Good in team battles
– Good in lane and insane midgame
– Default armor penetration ability
– Summoner Spells help him a lot
– Scales well in late game

– Can be easily kited down early so watch out for champions such as Jayce/ Kayle or Yorick
– You are no good if you can’t time your R

Summoner Spells

Out of many, Darius benefits from a few. As of the current patch Darius has been more mobile and useful with the following Summoner Spells.


It gives Darius the global availability. Just what you want from Darius isn’t it? With the enemy team constantly in fear of your omnipresence, they just can’t handle the pressure.


Since Darius is an upfront fighter, he may sometimes find himself in awkward situations. Flash gives you the extra mobility option to pull out from tricky situations. You can also use it to catch up on enemies that are maintaining their distance. Flash is a must have if you are in for some good wombo combos.

Rune Selection

Mark of Attack Damage – 8
Mark of Critical Chance – 1
Seal of Armor – 9
Glyph of Magic Resist – 9
Quint of Attack Damage – 1
Quint of Attack Speed – 2

Darius Masteries

Item Selection

Spirit Visage

No matter how you play Darius, Spirit Visage is a must for the champion as its all that you need in the mid game. Healing amplification and magic resistance, what else do you wish for?

The Black Cleaver

You know it already, get this ASAP. No need of further explanation.

Maw of Malmortius

More lifesteal, more magic resistance means more durability in team fights. And that is where you wanna be right?

Dead Man’s Plate

Gives you more armor and a lot of mobility.


Keep ‘em armor coming. This will help you stand against even an entire army.

The Game Plan

The early phase of the game is like a walk in the park for Darius. You can dominate a majority of champions that will likely be coming your way. With great harassment coming from Q you can take on fights any time that you will. If the enemy champion is daring enough to come too close, you spam that Q and follow up with Apprehend and Crippling Strike. During all this time you will also be able to max stack your passive and the demise of the enemy becomes obvious.

The early stage of the game is also the point where you should be able to get enough farm to become almost immortal in the mid game. Being a top laner, you will preferably be ahead of the bottom lane champion making him a easy prey for you to feast on. You can also be a nuisance for the enemy midlaner as well if you can position yourself perfectly for a good combo. Keep this in mind, you can only dominate the mid game if you keep on roaming and ganking the enemy team. This is why Teleport becomes essential. Even if the opponents are playing passive you can still get a lot of things going with regular dragon kills where you might meet up enemy champions as well. Position yourself among as many enemies as possible and watch Darius become the Kobe Bryant of the game.

Many say that the Darius doesn’t do much in the late game. Though it is true to some extent, this can be overcome if you are playing your cards right. If you have been a really bad ass Darius then the Game won’t even go late and that is the point of Darius’s early domination. Even if you tend to fall in late game, proper itemization will help Darius stay longer in fights and take on as much damage as possible. Your position is also very important in late game as by this time your focus should not be to take on all at once, rather you should focus more on taking things one by one. Anyone who is out of position is still a sitting duck for Darius waiting to be dunked on.

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League of Legends Champion Guide For Darius
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