11 Nov, 2015

League of Legends Illaoi Will Tentacle Her Way Through You

After taking a promising step of making major improvements to League of Legends in upcoming patch, Riot continues to amuse their fan base with new champion; Illaoi’s who will come with tentacles and huge crowd control to make through their lane. The champion may appear as a slow one but has the ability to solo lane herself. She can always draw tentacle spirits in a team or solo fight to initiate it and destroy any who stands before her.

Illaoi, who is defined to appear from new breed of juggernauts will have following abilities:

Illaoi will spawn tentacles on a wall nearby. Illaoi’s abilities will integrate with passive tentacle spell. The tentacle will only disappear if it is left dormant for more than a minute or killed.

Passive: Illaoi’s tentacles will allow her to heal as they damage enemy champions, however small portion of health will be regenerated.
Active: All enemies will get struck by Illaoi’s tentacles that will come before her line of sight.

Illaoi will cause bonus damage as she will charge and hit her target on her next attack before all her tentacles swing at her target.

Illaoi will send out tendrils out at enemy direction test of spirit is casted. These tendrils will grasp on to a champions spirit and bring it back to Illaoi from where all the ally champion heroes along with Illaoi and her tentacles can attack the spirit to send a portion of damage back to the spiritless champion.

If the champion tries to flee away from his spirit, tentacles will spawn near him and eventually start damaging him and his nearby team mates.

Illaoi will slam her idol in to the ground after taking a leap into the air. For every enemy hit, a new tentacle will be summoned. This spell will allow significant amount of cool down to Hash Lesson.


Illaoi is recommended to stay on the front end on skirmish matches and suggested to play with caution as she is slow and will meld in to the game as it progresses through. Also, considering her crowd control with tentacles, she will do extremely well if played strategically around tight corners or narrow path ways where she will have her tentacles setup.

She would probably do good if put together in a team along with Lulu, Blitzcrank and Orianna. You can read more details on official Illaoi’s page on League of Legends.

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League of Legends Illaoi Will Tentacle Her Way Through You
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