27 Nov, 2015

How to Reduce LoL Lag With Kill Ping

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If you think you are the gamer that is frustrated from LoL lag then you are not alone. There is also another League other than those of the Legends, and that is the League of Lag Frustrated gamers. Seriously, the numbers of players that suffer from LoL lag are more than thousands. So next time you find yourself in a position where your League of Legends is lagging like crazy, you should feel quite satisfied knowing that you are not the only one.

Since we could not add up and show the expression of each and every player that is suffering from LoL lag, here is a small glimpse of only few of those thousands.

And this guy was angry enough to even record a short video of his LoL lag experience.

We at Kill Ping are almost always in a position where we are working all day finding ways to fight LoL lag and save as many players as possible. As part of this endless effort we are bringing you some more quick and easy steps that will help you reduce LoL lag to a much greater extent.

Closing Unwanted Applications
Whenever playing the game, each and every thing that you do and see happens due to constant sending and receiving of data from the computer to the game server. However, this is not the only data that is being sent and received by the computer. Any other online application that is turned on is prone to the same activity and can hinder your bandwidth for League of Legends. The Best way to do this is by opening your task manager and ending any process that you deem unnecessary (other than system processes which are obvious for the computer to run). In case of League of Legends every other thing is UNNECESSARY, so you have your answer for that too.

Downloads, VoIP Software and Torrents
As mentioned above everything deemed unnecessary should be closed. This also includes downloading software and VoIP software such as Skype. They can leech to a lot of your bandwidth without you even knowing and as a result you face LoL lag.

Checking your Internet Connection
Though anything above a stable 3 MB connection is good enough, it is still advised that you play League of Legends with at least a 4 MB connection to prevent from future issues. Though LoL does not consume a lot of bandwidth, all it needs is a stable connection that is free from any obstructions and traffic. If you have that your experience of LoL lag will greatly decrease.

Playing on a physical connection
Yes technology is accelerating like crazy and from the time of dial up internet connection we have entered the era of wireless connectivity. That doesn’t mean anything below that is outdated. Wireless connection though very convenient are just not a thing for online players especially games such as League of Legends. If you are a serious online gamer and are more serious about LoL lag, then this should be the first thing in your mind next morning. Switch to a wired internet connection as soon as you can.

Turn Off Gaming Consoles
Things like PS3, XBOX and Wii have internal features that send and receive data to keep themselves updated even when not in use. You know what to do about them.

System Cleanup
Be habitual of checking your system for viruses, Trojans and other utilities that might affect your internet connection. These things even decline your computer’s performance to a great extent. You might not know but maybe the reason why you are facing LoL lag might be the result of your systems incompetent performance due to viruses.
You can also perform Disk Cleanup and defragmentation to clean your system from unwanted files. Obviously you shouldn’t be doing this while playing and Anti Virus programs should be closed as well during that time.

Graphic Settings
Be sure that your graphic card is assigned to maximum performance for League of Legends. As for in game settings we advise you to set them as shown in the images below

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While all the things mentioned above can help you reduce LoL Lag, some players are just not lucky enough with the results. In any case all of these frustrated gamers are more than welcome to use Kill Ping for a guaranteed 60% lag reduction in League of Legends. If you are doing all the things right, Kill Ping can be like the cherry on top if you want to reduce LoL lag. Kill Ping with its high end technologies and services is able to optimize your gaming connection to the max leading you to a lag free gaming experience in League of Legends. So don’t wait further and join the League of Lag Free Gamers with Kill Ping!



How to Reduce LoL Lag With Kill Ping
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