26 Nov, 2015

Top Female Twitch Streamers in 2015

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Gaming has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade. No matter what game you play, if you are serious about it then gaming has a place for you. And it’s not just the boys that are having all the fun in the world of gaming. Girls too have proved their might in the esports industry and have been stealing the show for quite some time.

So today, we decided to give our regards to the gaming community’s most beloved females by bringing you the list of Top Female Streamers in 2015.

Victoria aka Dinglederper started streaming almost two years ago. She is one of the most charming ladies in esports and loves to entertain her viewers with funny stuffs and also some crazy cosplays. Her immensely charismatic attitude has earned her a lot of fame and followers and this is why she is among the top Twitch streamers. Dinglederper currently streams Counter Strike: Global Offensive, and if you haven’t seen her stream, you haven’t seen fun at all.

Total Views: 9,469,802
Followers: 289,255
Dinglederper’s Stream

Well the only rage we can see on this girl’s stream is in the name. Miss_Rage is completely the opposite and is easily among the most pleasant streamers to watch. Her real name is Julia and she is also pretty famous due to her cool tattoos and is really a kick ass player when it comes to Counter Strike. Her amazing personality and awesome game are among the reasons why thousands of viewers subscribe for Miss_Rage like crazy.

Total Views: 12,715,869
Followers: 293,127
MissRage’s Stream

Playing League of Legends since season 1, KneeColeslaw has been streaming for almost three years now. The good thing about KneeColeslaw is her ability to interact with almost all her stream viewers. She just loves to chat and is why she makes sure no question is left unanswered. KneeColeslaw also loves to paint so you might see her being creative on her stream from time to time.

Total Views: 23,015,851
Followers: 313,267
KneeColeslaw’s Stream

Her real name is Brandi and she started streaming in September 2013. Dizzy Kitten mainly plays Counter Strike: Global Offensive and she is actually good at it. If you follow Dizzy Kitten regularly then there is a huge chance that you might be blessed with some awesome skins. This is because she is probably the only one that has a giveaway every single day she streams. Brandi’s nature has earned her a spot in the top Twitch Streamers and seems like she is here to stay. Dizzy Kitten knows how to entertain the viewers and is why she has a huge fan following in such a short period of time.

Total Views: 7,121,893
Followers: 383,490
DizzyKitten’s Stream

She is probably the most experienced Streamer out there. Playing many games such as LoL, Hearthstone, and World of Warcraft on a competitive level is a tough thing and viewers just love her when she pawns her opponents like mere noobs. Itshafu has been a professional World of Warcraft player from MLG and has also maintained a Diamond for constantly two seasons in League of Legends. Currently Hafu streams a lot of Hearthstone and if you want some pro inspiration then this is your stop.

Total Views: 43,405,184
Followers: 361,620
ItsHafu’s Stream


Kaceytron also known as the entertainer started full time streaming less than a year ago. She is one of the most popular League of Legends streamers out there. She is a very interactive streamer and loves to chat with her viewers. This is why she has earned a huge fan following in such a small time. Kacey has been liked and applauded by many around the world. Her success can be seen through her hundred thousands of fans that literally binge her stream as long as they can. Kacey definitely deserved a spot in the list of Top Twitch Streamers.

Total Views: 23,897,799
Followers: 404,166
Kacey’s Stream

Kelsea, is among the finest Twitch Streamers in esports. She is mainly famous for streaming high rank League of Legends games and is currently a Gold 5 player. If you want to learn a thing or two about League of Legends and being entertained along the sideline, then Kaypealol is the girl to watch.

Total Views: 10,418,115
Followers: 437,527
KayPeaLoL’s Stream

If there is a word like gaming binge then LegendaryLea definitely deserves that. Lea is one of the most dedicated streamers out there. She is insanely famous in the gaming world due to her fun loving personality and the immense concern she gives to her viewers. She is the one you call beauty with brains as before being a popular streamer, Lea did her majors in Physiology and Neuroscience. Currently streaming Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare but her list of games just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

Total Views: 27,712,244
Followers: 492,396
LegendaryLea’s Stream

Another kick ass Counter Strike: Global Offensive streamer who is also pretty good with cosplays as well. Kitty loves what she does and is extremely passionate about it. This is the reason why fans are just crazy to watch her stream and she is also crazy enough to care for all them.

Total Views: 15,828,530
Followers: 667,724
KittyPlaysGames Stream

Sonja might be new to streaming, but if you take a look at her fan following you will think she’s here for decades. With so little time under her belt, Sonja has been able to entertain a lot of viewers. And it’s not just the entertainment that makes viewers stick to her stream. Sonja is constantly chatting with the viewers even if shes playing. She keeps her stream open for many due to her variety of games and is why Sonja has become a key personality in many genres of gaming.

Total Views: 5,724,167
Followers: 693,237
Omgitsfirefoxx Stream

Tell us what you think about the list of top female streamers in 2015. The list has been made based over the number of total views and followers for every player. Though we did a deep research finding out the best streamers for you to watch, if in any case we missed someone who you think deserves to be in the list then hit us with a comment below and we will add her to the list as well.

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Top Female Twitch Streamers in 2015
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